Saturday, September 26, 2009

My reply to a comment...

My friend posted a comment regarding a video I'd posted on FB. The video was from

K's response to the video was quoting "Romans 10:9-13" and she added, "the scripture written above,was passed down to the disciples and was spoken/written long before there was any church other than "The Way" the church body that is referenced in scripture. Yes, some of us were born into Protestant homes, we were raised to know God and came to know Jesus at a young age. And by our faith we are now part of God's flock. It isn't my religion that makes me a child of God; it is my faith in Jesus Christ my savior."

My first reply was rather long. I did start off by saying, "Amen! I couldn't agree more" and then proceeded on with the truth of a "physical" Church, i.e. Mt. 16:18 and when going deep into history, one has to cease to be Protestant, etc. Also about the 33,000+ denominations that now exist. But that it was the Eucharist that the early martyrs died for, not a written word. That it was the Mass, no two ways about it! I suggested reading the early fathers of the Church also.

This was my 2nd reply:

I was Methodist. At 19 I left the Methodist church to just "be Christian" then married a Catholic. Kristi left the Methodist church while in KC. You left the Methodist church & became a Baptist- of some kind- right? That says a lot about the sad state of Protestantism. It leaves it "up to us." Finding a church that "fits my interpretation of scripture" & preference of "worship style" can't be what Jesus prayed for in John 17. There's NO unity. Everyone splintering, going this way & that, thinking they're all "ok" yet many are only scattering further & further from the Fullness of Truth. Many left the CC in those days,too, lured by emotionally-charged, more 'flamboyant' fellowships. It "felt" great, but in effect it was 'fast food.' A (have it your way) "BK" religion. One can't be filled/nourished fully on a 'fast food' diet. One Shepherd/One Church/One Body/One Faith/One baptism- His Way, for the safety of the flock.We're to worship in spirit & in Truth. Truth then matters.


Tiber Jumper said...

You are telling it like it is. They have likely never heard that stated to them before.
Perhaps if more Catholics as yourself, challenge our Protestant friends to consider the fragmentation of the body of Christ, they may be willing to listen.
As the emergents and other fringe evangelicals are sliding down the slippery slope of accepting same sex relationships(post-modern morality), it is only a matter of time before we see folks start to "jump ship" on to the Barq of Peter.

Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks, TJ. You're comment has "stoked the fire" inside my heart to "press on" with courage. I so appreciate your words of encouragment and wisdom.

I wondered if there might be another comment on FB when I checked my email, but alas, no. So I can only hope that K. will really take the time to consider the "slippery slope" and receive the grace to "see" because I know God wants all or as many as "will" to come HOME to the ONE Church, still standing after all of these years, the pillar and bulwark of TRUTH.

I love the TRUTH and can't keep my love for it under a bushel. Also, the reactions or responses others might have I must remember aren't in my hands. That's sometimes the hard be ignored or to ge an unkind rebuttal. I need speak when under the inspiration and to just "let the chips fall" and IF they "hear" and desire more Truth, because of a "word in due season" they might read either from me or a link I send them, then Praise God. That's my "little" task. I can't save anyone. If not, if they choose to ignore or snub off the Truth, then the verse, "shake the dust from your sandals" seems to be apropos.

I often wonder why it is that I can "see" and others can't. At one time I couldn't see either. Now that times running out,and the Final Confrontation has begun, I'm forever in debt to Scott Hahn, David Currie, Patrick Madrid. Three different books which God used to guide me to do that 180 into the Tiber,splashing my way back to the Church still 'blows my mind.'

And,I really love your song, "Late Have I Loved Thee." Listening to it today was perfect timing! She [Holy Mother Church] is and will be the ONLY safety net for the dark days of persecution ahead. The others, like you said, have crumbled and are falling into into ruins. Gratitude is the only word I have on my lips now...

Your comment really blessed me. Thanks again TJ.