Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Holy Feet...a novena...

When my husband and I came back to the CC, after being away for 26 years in 3 different evangelical fellowships, I was "all about the feet of Jesus!" I was taking photos of the Holy Feet of our Lord all the time, as we traveled about on little pilgrimages/photo junkets around where we live, to photograph the lovely houses of God on the prairie. So many glorious houses of worship, where Jesus lives in the tabernacles dotting the plains with his grace, like jewels in the sun, amid tall prairies grasses.

Inside these "gems on the prairie" were the most lovely statues I'd ever seen. Having not been raised Catholic, but truly converting only 5 years ago, I was in awe of the art, the stained glass windows and the crucifixes and instantly to His Feet! I would tear up contemplating them at times, the "FEET" how they had suffered, carrying PURITY, for 33 years, then being spat on, bloodied, bruised, and finally nailed to a cross, wounded for "our transgressions." I was always seeing and talking about "His Feet." I took so many photos of those Precious Feet.
Now, this morning, I go to Mark Mallett's blog, read his latest post, see your link, come here and find what? HIS HOLY FEET! I was being drawn to His Feet again only the last couple of weeks, too!

This is a real affirmation to me that I'm "on the RIGHT path" and although I don't deserve such consolation, I'm full of gratitude now for having found this lovely novena to the most tender, precious and holiest of Feet. What strikes me is before they were scraped, bruised, bloodied and wounded by nails, they were bathed in tears. That's where we need to run now, straight to the most Blessed Holy Precious Feet.

For it's at the 'FOOT' of the Cross, where the last drop of purest blood dripped to the ground from the toes of those Holy Feet that we all need to be, to prepare our hearts to be steadfast to 'run with perseverance' the race, on our physical and spiritual feet, to fall again at His Holy Feet, laying our crowns at those Feet, kissing those Feet still scarred but glorified, resplendent, beaming with heavenly radiance washing them not in tears of sorrow, but of glorious, profound and deepest joy!

The above is a comment I wrote in gratitude for this novena to the Holy Feet. I hope you'll visit her website and print off this novena, as I did, and 'run to Those Feet and pray this collection of nine beautiful meditations. We all need to be sitting at His Feet, as did Mary, who 'chose the better part.' There's more than enough "rushing" and "hurrying" about these days. More than enough to make us overly busy, doing a myriad of things, becoming too distracted and anxious to sit at Those Feet. But only there, at His Feet, can we be still,pause, and 'know that He is God' and we are not! There, in the silence of our heart at Adoration, or in prayer at home,will we really hear His Voice. Only in silence at the "Foot of the Cross" standing with Mary will we soon, in the blink of an eye, find ourselves enraptured with Mary, Queen of Heaven, again at Those Feet!


Lyda said...

Oh wow! Just last night I was meditating on the feet of Jesus. I'm not sure what inspired me to do this, as I've never done it before. Then to come to your blog this morning and find this post--wow. Thanks.

Joyful Catholics said...

You're so welcome. It's the Holy Spirit! I felt the same way as I wrote, coming across Pelianito's blog this morning! The Feet of Jesus must be where we go first, the "Springtime [souls] of the Church" must first start as "little seeds" in the ground,dying, then rising to His Feet, growing in humility,dying more, we one day will find ourselves snugly next to the Beating Heart of our One True Love! Thanks for stopping by, Lyda.