Monday, September 14, 2009

In cold blood...

Today at 11:40 Mass at Boys Town, Fr. Stephens was dressed in red. I was wondering "what Saint is being honored for martyrdom?" Then Father said these words, "Today's mass is being said for Jim Pouillon, martyred last week, Septemeber 11, in Osswo, MI."

It was very moving to know that here in Nebraska we Catholics were particpating in a Mass for the humble soul, killed in cold blood for his Pro Life beliefs, not in a far away land, on some foreign street, but right here in America on a regular street in Michigan. This is the "Culture of Death" folks, and it's a beast thirsty for blood, prowling out there with his minions. Pray for the repose of this humble, Catholic's soul and for his killer, Harland James Drake, 33 years old. May he respond to the grace offered him by God, and find Divine Mercy from the Father. I pray he'll repent of his sins and be converted and live, as did the murderer that St. Therese prayed for, who repented before his execution by guillotine. St. Maria Goretti also prayed for her killer, who converted in his prison cell when she came to him from heaven, with flowers!

Let us pray for the end to the war on the wombs of mothers by sterilzation and abortion, the war on the unborn, and the war on those who are faithful Christians, performing their acts of mercy by protesting the deaths of the Innocents as Jim and countless others do every day . God rest your soul, Jim Pouillon. I know you're praying for your killer. We will, too. We pray for your family and your parish family at this sad and tragic time. May God have mercy on us all.

what's almost eery is how much Jim resembles my own dear husband. Maybe that is part of the powerful pull I have for this man and his mission. RIP.

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