Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Hit Blunder, by Susie aka: "Donna McLean..."

Czarry czarry night,
Paint you flag all red and gold
The sickle that you love to hold
Shines brightly in your clenched
And cold iron fist
Shadows on the Hill,
Shoot the breeze and ram the bill
Down our throat to cure our ills

But we know it's all a stinking lie
Did you really try,
There in Washington D.C.
There's been no transparency
Like you promised in your slick campaign

With the Autumn rain
We are going to clean your clock
Without your "Prompter" you can't talk
You would not listen, you did not know how
Perhaps you'll listen now


Tiber Jumper said...

You gotta learn to play guitar so you can take these on the road LOL!!

Joyful Catholics said...

That would be a BLAST!!! :) FOOBL
(fell out of bed laughing)