Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's indeed a wonderful, wonderful life....

There isn't much left to say about this movie. It's a true classic, and a "wonderful movie!" We always watch it during Christmas season. Tonight was the night. Though it isn't theologically correct, "men don't turn into angels" when they die and go to heaven, it is a most charming and wonderfully told story about how praying, even if you're not a "praying man" can change your life. God only wants us to "humble ourselves" before Him, believe that HE IS, and that HE will help us, to become all we're created to be. It's about LIFE, and LOVE and FAMILY, and how in the end, 'No man is a failure who has friends.' No man is a failure who asks, begs forgivness, and continues to 'turn his life over to God'...when we take one baby step, God RUNS TO MEET US down the road, as the father of the prodigal son. Take heart. Don't despair. Give all your heartache, frustration, anger, sadness, confusion, despair to God in prayer. One "please God, if you're there, help me." will bring you a miracle. Open your eyes, your heart, and humble yourself and pray. Give all to God, and let Him show you what a truly wonderful life you have IN HIM.

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Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Started to watch it the other distracted..will have another attempt!

Happy New Year!