Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Canopy...

Interesting to note: The Chuppah, a Jewish Wedding component, is basically a piece of cloth held up by four poles. Some people use a tallit prayer shawl for the Chuppah cloth. The Chuppah is open on all sides, which is reminiscient of the hospitality Abraham and Sarah showed guests in their open tent. The Chuppah is usually held outside, under the stars, just prior to sundown, as a reminder of the blessing given by God to Abraham, that his children will be as numerous "as the stars of the heavens."

So when we saw the crucifix (posted below) beneath the canopy, (which is kind of rare) my friend and I again had to pause, for we'd only just discussed this at breakfast yesterday, before going to Hebron.

A contemporary, yet conservative Jewish wedding I found on line. Jana & Daniel. If you'll notice the interesting comment, in the "Before the ceremony" paragraph. There's a reference to a "Catholic custom."

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