Sunday, January 11, 2009

A reply to a comment I made on You Tube...

atlasdoc2 has replied to your comment on Phil Keaggy:

"Maybe if you would care as much about the children AFTER they are born, there wouldn't be as many teen pregnancies, and thus fewer abortions! Abortion is NOT the cause of a problem, it is a SYMPTOM, when will you people get it? Treating the symptoms only makes the problem get worse, you must address the cause and that is what Obama is advocating."

Evidently this is what "atlasdoc2," thinks about my "not caring" about children AFTER they're born. I replied with a few thoughts and then ended with, "wake up and smell the sulfur." I wrote "sulfur" so he or she wouldn't stumble, and misprounce the word with the "ph." How very sad this is. We are so in trouble in this country. People actually think like this. Either they've bought the lie, or they're in denial or they're in actual rebellion, and don't see that aborting UNBORN babies, who have NO WHERE TO RUN, and NO DEFENSE is a mere "symptom" of our "not caring about born children" enough. How miserable and how extremely sad is our society, when INNOCENT LIFE, being ripped from limb from limb INSIDE the womb, isn't a problem, but only a symptom. The real problem is people "like me" who don't see how much Obama really cares. May the scales fall from this horribly misled person's eyes. I really pray they will fall, before it's too late.


ibgdub-google said...

One big thing everyone is overlooking is that Phil Keaggy does indeed care about the children, and puts his money where his mouth is. He has "adopted" a number of children through Compassion International, which rescues orphaned or poor children in the poorest countries and teaches them about Jesus, feeds and clothes them. So atlasdoc2 is very misinformed, as are all liberals. All they have to do is some research behind the media lies, and they will see they are being conned and fooled. Unfortunately for them, it takes a little effort – they actually have to DO something rather than let the government coddle them.
God bless,

Joyful Catholics said...

Amen, Gary! Well said! Nobody wants to 'THINK' critically anymore. Nobody wants to research anything. Obama mixes up the KoolAid and they gulp it down...and in the meantime, 4000 innocent babies died today while they grip about the economy and as Phil says, "The world will soon be shaken!!"