Friday, January 30, 2009

Nebraska Walk for Life...

I'm going to Lincoln tomorrow with some friend to walk for life at our Captiol. Please pray for us. I'm sure this won't be like San Francisco, with overt opposition, however, I think with the current administration in place now, with their radical Left Wing agenda in full swing, who knows what we'll encounter. I only hope and pray that my small voice and humble prayers will ascend to Heaven, and join with the Saints in praying for HOPE and CHANGE for the Unborn in our state and our entire nation. I'm working on a poster now, so I'll post the picture ASAP. It will be like the one I had to take down from my cubicle at work, minus the "McCain/Palin" at the bottom. Jesus Mary Joseph, we love you, save the souls of our legislators, lawmakers, and Catholics who do not denounce abortion. Lord have mercy!

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