Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I'm ok and you're ok, what's He doing up there?...

Crucifix at Sacred Heart Church, Hebron, NE.
about 2.5 hours west and south of Omaha.
My friend, Paula, and I went there yesterday. It was a spontaneous desire for a mini pilgrimage. Neither of us had been to this church before, but I've been reading many books where "Hebron" has "popped up."
This is kind of curious, too, that I was in Mr. Horab in Wisconsin last April, for a Life in the Spirit Seminar evening. Rich and I then happened to wind up in Tabor S.D. last Oct. and now Hebron. I've found out in recent reading that Hebron was where St. Elizabeth lived, when Mary went to visit her. What does it all mean? I've no clue...yet. With a penchant for history, (even moreso as a Catholic) I would like to know how these little towns and small cities decided on the community's name. Curious.
Anyway, when Paula and I arrived, the entry was so dark, we held open the large outter doors to peruse what was posted on the bulletin board. Of course MANY seminarians were to be seen (Lincoln NE diocese after all) and so when we closed the outter door and opened the door to the sanctuary, this is what we saw. It took our breath away. I have never seen a crucifix like this one. We made a visit for about 45 minutes, praying for our nation, and our own private intentions. Graces have come from this little pilgrimage.
My heart is burning to BE with Jesus. But my flesh is weak. I tarry at home, or go off to do other things, when He whispers "Come, come to me, come now and visit me." But I do believe yesterday, when I heard that whisper, "come" I could have done nothing else. I'd have possibly gone by myself, but I was glad to have my friend with me. I think she needed this time with Him there, too. In preparation for this TIME...this week, this inauguration of a man we really know so little about, that will affect generations to come, and whom at this point, seems to be against choosing FOR Life. (FOCA)
Jesus calls us to carry our cross daily, to be crucified with Him, and then, one day, to rise in glorious raiment. For our sins, he suffered and died. How can we think we won't ever have to suffer? How can we think America, the "land of the free" (NOT "Freedom of Choice!") Home of the Brave, (not cowards of appeasement with the enemy of our souls) that we will endure, if we believe we don't have to suffer? They hated Jesus. They will hate us, too. Are we prepared to 'hang on the cross' with Jesus? I need DAILY conversion. I pray to grow in holiness where faith and hope and love will be victorious and the fear and anxiety will decrease and be snuffed out. I pray to be always aware of even how damaging venial sins are.
I don't know about you, but I'm "not OK." I need a Savior! I AM a sinner who longs
to become at least a "little" 's' saint.


Marie said...

The time to worry is when you start feeling comfortable in your Christian life. Another time to worry is when you go along with the world it seems so much easier.....To be a Disicple costs. It is not a free ride, if you stand strong on your faith sure you will lose 'friends' and others will stay away because you are a 'right wing loony conservative,' let people think whatever they may but always be True to the Word of God and the Teachings of our Great Church, the Catholic Church...Even if it means standing alone for in the end you are not alone, Christ went before us.

Beautiful Piece Susie:)

Peace, JOY & Love to you:)

Marie xooxoxoxo PS: I have written a tribute to President Bush...a Fair one.

Marie xooxoxox

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Marie...
Thank you so much! It's always delightful to "see" you here. Peace and Joy fill you, to OVERFLOWING. Pray for us, here in America, today. Interesting that it is Tuesday, the day of the SORROWFUL mysteries. Our Lady of Sorrows is truly sorrowful about this new administration, and those of her children who wanted to put the economy above caring to the unborn babies and their lost mothers. Thank you for your on line friendship. I'd love to meet you one day, but since it probably won't be on this earth, I pray to meet you one day in heaven.