Friday, January 09, 2009

Hill of Crosses...

I just watched "A Hill Apart" on EWTN. Unfortunately, I didn't record it, and in the search, it doesn't come up again, but found this short article. It is so timely. With the new Socialist agenda and radical Left regime building, well, more and more articles, shows, books, videos are popping up all over about persecution, and even Rush and Laura Ingraham and other talk show hosts comment on the "Stalinist" sounding ideas floating about. Words like "spooky" and "creepy" come over the air about Obama's speech today, and other speeches. I do pray for him, for his family and staff that there will be coversions of hearts. Many of my friends and I have spoken about "what could be coming down the pike" and here is a brief vignette of what we could even face here in America, for it seems since 9-11, we've been lulled back into an apathetic collective yawn, and wanting the "freebies" that Obama promises, which ARE NOT FREE! Well, we've also neglected Our Lady's many warnings, since Fatima. Now we will soon see what we're up against as a Church in this country. As Christians, we may just have to face some hard times, but if we remain in solidarity, and pray the rosary and fast, clinging to our Mother's mantle, may we find the grace to persevere, no matter what may befall. I read 3 biographies on St Maximilian Kolbe last year, and recently checked out one on Edith Stein. I pray for their intercession for us, here in "la la land" for we have been seduced by materialism and greed, pushing God further and further out of our lives. We watched First Circle, (Soltzhenitsyn) over Christmas, and I Am David recently and there have been a lot of programs on EWTN about Ukraine Catholics coming out of "underground" only in 1989 and others about Russia and her icons, etc. We need to listen to Our Lady, I think the Pilgrim Virgin Statue's recent visit in the heart of our country, right here in Omaha in October was a 'warning'... prepare. Be vigilant, sober, alert, watchful, and pray pray pray! Get the oil in your lamps, and be ready...who knows what's ahead, but we do know God is bigger than anything, any persecution. Draw close to Him, and "be not afraid."

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, PRAY FOR US!

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