Sunday, January 11, 2009

We watched this last night...

EXCELLENT! Accolades to Ed Asner (which seemed a puzzling casting choice for me, until I saw it) for this exquisite portrayal of beloved and "Blessed Pope John XXIII!"

Highly recommend this one
, folks.

We enjoyed our time and the company of friends watching and muching popcorn and sipping some wine. Kris is recovering from surgery and it was something we talked about earlier in the day when she invited us over. We thought, "what a great idea, to have a 'movie night' or "matinee" regularly with friends, of like mind and heart! We all need more time just to "hang" and not have it be for a class, mass, donut Sunday, or a Lenten mission or a retreat, etc. We have a "friendship" deficit in our culture, and even in the Church, we get too busy just to "hang out" and "waste time" together.
And if I may add, I've been blessed to the hilt "hanging out" with Jesus and "wasting time" with Him at adoration. We've a beautiful chapel, 24/7 Exposition...Jesus is waiting to "hang out" with us, for that's what he was "hanged" on the cross for, our redemption, salvation, and just for us to BE WITH HIM,...not just here, but FOREVER IN HEAVEN. Go hang out with the Lord, and then go get a movie and call some friends over. Share the Faith this way, too, with neighbors. Who knows what might develop and where it might lead them. Maybe to the doors of your parish!

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Nancy said...

Sounds great. Tonight they're going to start airing this film as a 4-part series on Salt & Light (our Catholic network here in Canada). Something to watch Sunday nights (and repeated liberally during the week) for the next month.

S&L has a lot of good programming - over Christmas they aired the film Testimony based on the book by Cardinal Dziwisz - and since I get EWTN as well I'm a happy Catholic camper, so to speak.