Thursday, January 22, 2009

From our own, Fr. Clifford Stevens, at Boys Town...

Rich and I went to Mass this morning at Boys Town. Fr. Clifford celebrated Mass and gave us a history lesson in slavery and how that was finally brought to an end, and now his work for an end to the war on the unborn. Abortion can and must be stopped. We talked to him after Mass and he told us he's going to Washington D.C. to speak on March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation, when our LORD was conceived in the sacred womb of Mary, Ever Virgin. He is fighting the "good fight," and is one of the few remaining who knew Fr. Flanagan. He is an author and a wonderful holy man, fighting for those in our world who cannot speak for themselves. He needs many good lawyers to assist him in this fight, so if you're a lawyer, please consider how you can help. Peace of Christ.

The RIGHTS OF The UNBORN His book on line.

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Tim Shey said...

I first met Fr. Clifford Stevens back in 1985 when he was at Tintern Monastery in Oakdale, Nebraska. He introduced me to the writings of Cuthbert of Lindisfarne by the Venerable Bede. I think I saw him again back in 2003 in Dubois, Wyoming.

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