Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Prayer requested....

I ask and covet all of your prayers for my friend, Sarah. She is a postulant at School Sisters of St. Francis, in Panhandle, TX. She is in the upper left corner photo on their blog. She is still suffering severe headaches (she has been for 3 months now) which are slowing her formation process and are quite debilitating. She also has spina bifida, which she bears like a trooper. Nothing slows my "little Sarah" down, believe me! She is a dear friend, and "daughter" to me. The daughter I never had of my own. I love her very much and pray for either total healing, which is my heart's desire or the grace to be lavished on her to bear this suffering with joy and gratitude as did St. Faustina and St. Therese. They and so many suffered in convents but I know I only want what God wills. I'm sure Sarah wants his will, too, but how frustrating this is for her! Please pray as she may have to face another brain surgery for her shunt, which she just recently had that has not accomplished what she and the doctors had hoped. Thank you all so much on behalf of my friend, and prayer warrior in Texas. ~JMJ~ susie

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