Friday, January 30, 2009

Bespoke babies?...Step right up, folks...

Yes, you heard right, right here in San Antonio, you can get your "made-to-order" embryo implanted in your womb, for the "child of your dreams!" Read all about it here, at "INFORMATION LIBERATION" Oh yeah, there's also a "waiting list" for Aryan children.

And do we really think our Lord is going to remain silent? I was watching the Mass vigil for the March for Life last week in Washington D.C. at the Nation Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, I always am in awe, reverential fear and awe of the immense, HOLY image of our Lord. His Mighty Right Arm held up, His Right Hand waiting to sweep across this land when He comes to judge the living and the dead. He's not angry in the way we deem anger, but His Purity demands holiness. He longs for us to receive his grace and mercy to live in the fullness of LIFE that He suffered for and died to give us. He's waiting for us all to turn to Him, humble ourselves and pray. But do we? Have we? No.
We're once again asleep, and the alarms are ringing and we keep hitting "snooze." With all the technology, the stemcell research, the potential cloning of humans (it's already been done in my opinion, but where and by whom? China?) This article is sickening but it's the apex of a most prodigal narcissistic society to ever live. We've given God the boot, kicked Him to the curb, thrown Him away with every aborted child, and expect to go merrily on our way. We don't want to face what's coming down the pike, so we keep hiding behind the "noise" of our busy world, the I-Pods and tv's latest Idol, gulping down a supersized Coke and all the while, losing our very soul. Lord have mercy.
People, we all need to wake up and repent, get to confession and pray for mercy. Pray for our politicians, and our Bishops and Priests. Our country and the Church inside this country is being shaken, but it's only just begun. The magnanimity of this "earth/Church quake" is off the Richter scale completely. There will be no scale with which to measure this quake, for it will be the Right Arm of Justice Himself cleaning His house, and everyone who thinks we've got all kinds of time, had better reconsider...for we know NOT the hour, but we'd best have oil in our lamps, for it will be in a DARK cloud that He will descend, and there will be NOWHERE to run, or hide. Every sin will be exposed under the FIREY GAZE of His scrutiny. Catholics in political office, in favor of abortion and passing laws, bills, and acts to further this holocaust have been warned, as we all have...He IS coming again, because pure Love demands justice. Mercy is now, with Justice in on it's heels.

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