Saturday, January 31, 2009

Walk for Life, Lincoln, NE...

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We left Omaha with Baby Jesus on my lap, wrapped in my 1st class relic of Fr. Kevin's. He's not a canonized saint yet, but to me he is! We drove the 45 minute drive to our capitol, for the Right to Life Walk and went to Mass at St. Mary then walked to the capitol building, which was standing proud in the very warm sun for the last day of January. St John Bosco was with us, too, as all the Saints praying for the babies of Mary and Jesus. It was truly an inspirational day, about 4500 walkers turning out to let our voices be heard for those who have no voice. Michael Clancy, the photographer who took the stunning and amazing photo of baby Samuel's hand, reaching from the incised womb, curling around the finger of the surgeon, (back in 1999) shown all over the world, as the miracle photo. He gave a most tender and moving talk about the event and what led him to finally be there to take the photo. What a humble and caring man, who only wants now to spread God's miracle photo to show the world that indeed babies are baby humans in utero, not anything else, and not just 'blobs of cells.' It was wonderful to see so many pro life people there from our state legislature, and our Gov. Dave Heineman, all gathered to promote the Walk for Life and the dignity of each and every human being, from conception to natural death. We pray for our leaders, local, state and national to be so enlightened and so informed and so PRO LIFE as they! Amen!

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