Saturday, January 31, 2009

Broad is the road to perdition...and many are on that road!

Today we honor our beloved Saint John [Don] Bosco. Here is an amazing account of his three visions of Hell. It seems what he saw is most applicable to our own times. Lord have mercy on us. May we be ever mindful of Your words of warning, watchful and aware of the dangerous traps, snares of the Enemy, the Evil one, set for us constantly, not looking like traps or snares at all, but dressed in lovely attire. The road is broad and easy that leads to destruction. The path many of us have traveled, especially here in America, blessed with so much abundance, we've lost sight of the true, holy path that leads to our goal of Heaven, our destination that God desires for us. May our eyes be always opened and our ears listening for the voice of our Shepherd as his faithful sheep. May we stop listening to the father of lies, leading so many, even the elect astray. There are many voices today, but only One voice is the True voice of love, that is God and in stillness, silence, and solitude is that voice heard. Go be with Him today before the tabernacle, or at an adoration chapel where He is exposed. Bask in His radiance and let His grace bathe you in peace.

Sit in His presence quietly, and offer Him your heart, your soul, your mind. We will need all our strength, which is only IN CHRIST, for the battle ahead. Yes, Christ has won the war, and in the end we know He is Victorious, but we must do some heavy lifting and fight many battles here, and the War on the Unborn is the greatest of all. When our babies, Christ's babies, Our Lady's babies are being sacrificed on the altar of "convenience" and turned into mere commodities, then be sure and know that the powerful right Arm of God cannot be held back forever. May God be praised in His sanctuary, and in our hearts and may we take up the weapon, the ROSARY, and pray for our souls! We will not last if we don't pray! We will not survive the assault if we don't pray! It's time to pray for ourselves, for the gift of final perseverence - to withstand the onslaught, and then move in and with the power of God, infused into us, transforming us before His presence, receiving Him at Mass, offering our entire selves to Him for the sins of the world because He won't tolerate the intolerance of the unborn much longer. Do whatever He tells you...and do it NOW! Time is running out for us all. The ground is going to shake literally, and who knows what else will come to America in the way of persecutions. I hear there's a volcano about to blow anytime in Alaska, and Seattle was shaken yesterday by a 4.something tremor. Listen to Him in these signs, for He is speaking to all who have ears to hear! Consecrate yourselves to Him through Mary our Mother, and all of your family and pray pray pray! God be with you and with us all. The enemy is loosed and wreaking havoc as God has allowed, and it's not wise to put off prayer, for only by prayer will we attain heaven, and become saints.

The devil hates prayer so much he do anything to keep you from praying. Every prayer to our Lord and most of all the rosary sends another of God's arrows into him, but like any wounded animal, he's now enraged and prowling about seeking the ruination of God's chosen, God's faithful, and God's elect. Don't let him deceive you and keep you from prayer, because the pit is deep, and dark and is unyielding of any who in the end fall into it. Kill off the Devil's power by prayer, fasting and praising God in the midst of your trials, and he will flee and you will be free to arrive across that last threshold to meet all of the Saints who've been cheering you on, and we will be in the glorious, resplendent presence of our Lord forever!

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