Saturday, January 03, 2009

For each month from now on...

I am going to have a "Patron Saint" to pray to specifically and learn about. I read of one blogger who has her "Patron Saint of the year." However, being a late arrival into the Church, I have to choose one a month, because I have much to learn about the Saints and a lot of catching up to do, since I wasn't raised in a faith that gave the Communion of Saints much if any thought at all. And, being already in my 50's, I decided to have a patron Saint each month to 'get to know.' January it can only be Saint Joseph, as he's been appearing "all over the place." So if anyone out there has a devotion to him, or book suggestions, please let me know. He's been "chasing me down" for a couple of months now so I best heed his nudges. I'm not going to be 'legalistic' about corresponding my Saint to the month of his or her feast day. When they tap you on the shoulder, I think it's best to pay attention right then, and St. Joseph is and has been tapping. I just now discovered on the site where found the above image, his feast day used to be March 19, and in 2006, transferred to March 20...our wedding anniversary. Hmm... wonder what that might mean? Rich is a carpenter...though not building these days, as he's been a lake manager for 5 years. What might be on the horizon?


Tiber Jumper said...

Ah, Yes St Joseph, despite my middle name , I have neglected him until late. Tonite I bought a little shelf at a thrift store that I am going to convert into a little wall pedestal for the statue I have of him in the studio.
Not to worship him since we both know Catholics don't worship statues, but to remind me of one who in heaven continues to pray for me and my family and my household.
I too just turned 50 and feel like I have precious little time to learn a lifetime about a faith filled with 2000 years of godly men and women to help point us to Christ! So the st a month idea is a good one.
God bless your new year

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Russ. Such a "cloud of witnesses" I want to learn so much about all of our big brothers and sisters, and thought focusing on one a month, might be a good way to do that. It seems so sad that as a Christian, we were told nothing about them, because that was a "Catholic thing." How incredibly sad! And what a loss in all of our lives. How precious is the time now to read their inspirational life stories, and be "fired up" to carry on for Truth! Bless you and Deborah in your new surrounds this new year! St. Joseph, pray for us and our boys!