Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Poor Clares - Malawi

I LOVE the Poor Clares! They are holding this world together, as are other contemplatives, with their hidden lives and copious, fervent prayers ascending to the Father on our behalf.

When someone says, "those nuns," or "those monks... what are they doing for the world tucked away in some convent or monastery?" or the tedious line: "They should be out in the world helping people." (I have to confess here and now that that very line escaped my lips back in my 'know it all' 20's and 30's. When I KNEW the CC was wrong on all counts! It was so sad for those 'trapped' in such a horribly archaic, oppressive hierarchy of the "traditions of men." Gee what a ignoramus I was!)

As I cringe and bite my tongue, which sometimes is ready to snap back a sharp retort with less than Catholic charity. When my lips long to spurt out some answer birthed in venial mischief (my flesh is so weak!) I wait, pray quickly for patience then say.."Those holy women and men, set apart for God, in their particular calling, are the reason we are still here and good is still flourishing on this earth."

I wonder if we will ever know the magnitude of hearts changed, souls saved, spiritual and physical healings due to the faithfulness and diligence of their daily sacrifice and their many prayers this side of Heaven? I sometimes think we may never know...but yet that is the beauty of their hidden life...they'd NEVER seek or desire any credit. . . EVER. I long to grow in such humility and holiness. I'm thankful for the gift of the virtue of hope!

Thank you to ALL religious and for your sacrifice so precious in the eyes of God!

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