Sunday, July 22, 2007

Auschwitz etchings . . .

Above and below: In Auschwitz, a polish soldier Stefan Jasienski, etched a sacred heart of Jesus into the cement wall of his cell. He also drew himself in the picture. He has his arms are around Jesus' waist. A profile of his face is looking at the Sacred heat of Jesus. He was likely killed at the camp. Around the corner from this cell was where Saint Maximillian Kolby died. He was a priest who took the place of a Jewish father who was to die. The Jewish man survived and attended Maxillian's beatification.

I found this on David Macdonald's blog. Very moving... No matter where we go, Jesus is there. In our glory and in our despair, at our birth and at our death. In Michaelangelo's frescoes and sculptures and paintings, to scraped primitive simple etchings on an Auschwitz wall...same Jesus, Lord of all.

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