Thursday, July 19, 2007

We'll be leaving for Denver this afternoon.

Peace of Christ be with you all.

I'll be back to posting probably Monday.

By the way, Monday is July 23. It is a "Feast Day" for us, for July 23, 2006 is when Fr. Kevin Fete passed on to his place in Heaven...with the Saints. Please say a prayer for him, and also ask his intercession. His prayers are powerful before the throne of God. He loved the Church, Tradition, Orthodoxy and Our I pray that he's now at peace and along with St. Therese, I know he's busy spending his Heaven doing good on the earth. A Priest forever!

Fr. Kevin pray for us. Pray for RECON and all who may come to find friends and support of others of like mind on their journey. Amen.

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Cradle Catholic said...

Because of you I have learned about Fr. Kevin and now he has become a friend of mine. Thank you! God Bless