Sunday, July 29, 2007

There She Is Again . . .

The following account was told by Father Sineux, during a spiritual retreat given on July 29, 1964:

A Protestant pastor from
Scotland had a large number of Irish families in his parish and, consequently, some fervent Catholics. He was extremely annoyed by these people and, being fervent himself in his religion, tried to fight against their beliefs in any way he could. He went readily to children with his ideas.

One day he came across a young Irish girl of about eight years of age on the roadside. He stopped her, spoke a few nice words to her and then asked her to recite a few prayers, promising to give her two pennies if she recited them well. At once, the girl recited Our Father and the pastor congratulated her. “Do you know any others? Can you say another one?” he asked her. The child began the “Hail Mary,” but the pastor interrupted her. “That one is not a prayer, because you mustn’t pray to a woman, you should only pray to the Good Lord.” The small girl was a little embarrassed, but she continued and recited the Creed and the pastor encouraged her this time. However, when she arrived to the words “was born of the Virgin Mary”, the child sighed in annoyance and said, “There she is again! What am I to do?”

The pastor later acknowledged that he almost suffocated when he heard the words of the young Irish girl. He gave her two pennies, sent her home and returned to his own abode very upset. There she is again, that Virgin Mary, even in the Creed, which he had recited so many times without noticing the words he was pronouncing! There she is, in the center of our Christian faith! This marked the beginning of long reflections, which resulted in his own abjuration, shortly afterwards. He himself told this story many times, which was so decisive for his vocation, when he had later become... a Catholic priest.

Marian Collection #25 F.J.E.
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My addition to this fine article (not necessary, obviously, but since I am the blog owner this might be a noteworthy add-on.) Just a thought, but would this Pastor in Scotland or anywhere USA, or would I, myself, being somewhat "anti-Catholic Church" only a few short years ago, have had the audacity to tell the Angel of the Lord he was wrong and not only wrong but way outta line for saying "Hail Mary?" But yet, that was his, the Angel of the Lord's "greeting" to is plainly WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURE, right there smack dab in the New Testament...right there in the gospel of St. Luke! Would any of us, if we might be now, or if we were somewhat "anti-Catholic" dare to tell the Angel of the Lord: "Excuse me, Mr. Angel sir, but would you kindly rephrase your annunciation to Mary, please? It sounds way too Catholic. It sounds like your giving her way too much reverence and that should only be for Jesus and Jesus alone."

Something to think about.


Tiber Jumper said...

I just posted this on my blog and thought I'd check yours out and wham there was the same post!

And the Chick Zone too!
Thanks for the H/T

MMajor Fan said...

Ha ha, exactly. Pride falleth before the man (or woman.) Correcting angels who by nature are speaking with the full voice of God is not a great idea. People ought to have some cold hard thought about that.

Joyful Catholics said...

TJ..that is so uncanny how that works for us as we end up on the same page!


Sanctus Belle said...

Mary and Marian devotion is so terribly misunderstood, among Protestants and Catholics alike. I firmly believe that the attacks on Marian devotion are demonic in origin. As put by a priest I heard speak after Mass recently: "So many people are deceived about the Truth of the Catholic Faith, but Satan is not deceived. He knows which is the True Church and so he attacks it without rest." One of his most effective weapons in winning souls is attacking devotion to the Mother of God.

Satan knows that the quickest, surest, safest way to Jesus in through Mary.