Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've done a lot of copying here today. Not much from "my own wee brain." Kind of lazy but hopefully you'll find something worthwhile and informative and a lot better than my own stuff. Getting the TRUTH out as best I can, from all sources orthodox.


Karl Keating is the founder and president of Catholic Answers.

He had been working as an attorney for several years when, on leaving Mass one Sunday, he found anti-Catholic tracts on the windshields of the cars in the church parking lot. He wrote his own tract in reply and distributed copies of it at the Fundamentalist church responsible for the anti-Catholic tract. That was the start of what has become the country’s largest lay-run apologetics and evangelization organization.

Catholic Answers was incorporated in 1982, and in 1988 Karl left the practice of law and went into apostolic work full time. That year marked the publication of his Catholicism and Fundamentalism, the first book to deal extensively with challenges posed by "Bible Christians." Other books followed: What Catholics Really Believe, Nothing But the Truth, The Usual Suspects, and Controversies. He is at work on several more titles.

For nine years Karl served as the editor of This Rock. He has been a columnist for the National Catholic Register and the Canadian Catholic Review and has written for many other publications. Each Tuesday he answers questions on "Catholic Answers Live." His avocations include backpacking (his favorite locales are the High Sierra and the Grand Canyon) and flying.

Books by Karl Keating published by Ignatius Press:

Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians"

What is in this book that has led so many Protestants to convert to Catholicism? What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? Find out for yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism.

This book is so insightful that it has been used as a college textbook in theology classes across the country. Yet it is so full of heart that it has inspired and guided Catholics everywhere to defend their faith.

Controversies: High Level Catholic Apologetics

In his book Controversies: High Level Catholic Apologetics, best-selling Catholic apologist and author Karl Keating presents writings from five of his favorite apologists who give a clear and forceful exposition of Catholic truth. These five well-known British writers of the 20th century had strong convictions, were not afraid of controversy and defended the truth with vigor and charity.

Examine and learn from the writings of John Henry Newman, Hilaire Belloc, Herbert Thurston, Arnold Lunn, and Ronald Knox. This book will introduce you to some of the best defenses of the faith ever and provide a peek at great minds at work.

What Catholics Really Believe

Karl Keating does an excellent job of clearly explaining Catholic practices that even devout Catholics can have a difficult time explaining to others. Keating's common sense approach to apologetics makes What Catholics Really Believe an excellent source for anyone who is curious about "Why do Catholics...?"

The writing style is straight forward and easy to read. Answers are backed up with direct scriptural references -- and helpful hints and analogies are added to make difficult concepts easier to grasp.

The Usual Suspects: Answering Anti-Catholic Fundamentalists

If you thought anti-Catholicism was on the wane, think again. In The Usual Suspects you will find out who is behind the baseless new anti-Catholic attacks and how their efforts can affect you.

Keating will open your eyes with thoroughly researched information about the efforts, origins, and threats presented by the usual suspects. In the process, he will give you new-found conviction in your own Catholic beliefs. As Karl Keating defends the truth of the Catholic Church against a host of attacks, he will confirm what you have always suspected but may not have been able to prove. The truth wins every time.


Tiber Jumper said...

As I was returning I read his famous yellow book! it blew me right out of the water. I have since taken to buying used copies on the net and sending them to interested friends from my old fellowship. Not one response yet, but we keep at it!

White Stone Name Seeker said...

I have three of the books you mention here. (I don't have the 'Usual Suspects') 'Catholics and Fundamentalists' is excellent. It answers the strange ideas 'normal' protestants can have about Catholics as well. It also helps me understand some of the things my protestant friends might say.
Mind you most of our protestant friends are of the 'many-paths-up-the-mountain' 1970's theology view.
It's that wishy-washyness that pushed dh across the the Tiber.