Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Let's ask a father . . .

Q: St. Ambrose, how do we know which is the True Church?

A: Where Peter is, there is the Church.

WOW. that's pretty straight forward. Hmm I wonder if....let's just ask him about "is"....

But Father, what does the word "is" really mean? You see, when is is spoken by Jesus in John Chapter 6 didn't he speak symbolically? I mean "is" couldn't have meant "this is MY body" literally, could it?

A. Oy Vey!!! Jesus was very literal and emphatic about "This IS MY BODY" ...that's why so many left him, for they KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt what he was saying. It's too bad so many of you have such a hard time with Jesus' statement and command now. Oh and don't give Bill Clinton such a hard time about parsing the word "is" for sadly, much of Christendom is doing the same.

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