Saturday, July 07, 2007

The email below is from a person who's unfortunately suffering from RRA. Romish Receptive Aphasia. (see Tiber Jumper's blog re: this Syndrome) I had written previously to 'Shea' after coming across their website stating that we Catholics do not worship Mary, as I'd read on their website I wrote back in charity (with only very slight, somewhat venial mischief ; ) this reply in the subject line: "Alrighty then, see ya in purgatory."

I have prayed for Shea and will continue to pray for these misguided souls. The person who writes most of their "Catholic commentary'" is a 'former Catholic" and they won't budge one bit. I think their not wanting to discuss/converse/debate says much about them. I had truly written with charity, but when lies and half-baked ideas are thrown about as truth, and we come across them on line, I think we're obligated to
tell the truth in love. What ears it falls on and their replies aren't up to us for if they don't receive it, we're to "shake the dust from our sandals and proceed to the next town." I hope the links I sent them will be checked out, especially by the former Catholic with an obvious ax to grind. I hope that a seed was planted. I wish them well and they'll be in my prayers when ever they come to mind. I've highlighted where RRA kicks in.


Should I ignore everything you say about the Protestant Church because you are now an ex-Protestant? That would be the logical result of your reasoning regarding former Catholics. Just because a person is a "former" something does not mean the person no longer knows anything about the something.
In regards to Catholicism, we really have no desire to engage in this discussion with you. You are not the first Catholic to object to our articles. We recently engaged in a 9 month ongoing conversation with a Catholic priest (with a doctorate in Catholic dogma). As a result of our conversation with him, we revised several of our articles...but we did not change the fact that we strongly disagree with many Catholic beliefs and practices.
As an example, you bring up the "worship of Mary" issue. Like most other Catholics, you claim, "Catholics do not worship Mary." I could point you to hundreds of examples of Catholics worshipping Mary. Excusing it away by calling it "veneration" does not change the substance of what it is. Under any normal definition of the term "worship," Catholics do in fact worship Mary. If names, titles, and words of praise that the Bible only uses for God, are used by Catholics for Mary, how is that anything but worship?
There is no point in continuing this conversation. You are not going to convince us, and we are not going to convince you. Let us commit to praying for each other, that God would minister the truth to both of us.
Sincerely in Christ,

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Tiber Jumper said...

At least she didn't call you an apostate like I usually get on the reformed blogs!!
Yeah RRA is a pretty severe illness and only a skilled surgeon with the name of Jesus Christ can operate with
the sword of the spirit to bring about normal reception again!