Saturday, June 30, 2007

A young seminarian's blog . . .

Please visit this blog of a young man who's a convert and now a seminarian for priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church! We will pray for you! God bless and God speed you on your journey to be a holy man of God who can bless so many others by embracing Christ on the altar and bringing Him to us!



Seminarian Matthew said...

Thank you greatly for the prayers and thank you also for posting a link to my blog.

I notice from the top of your blog that you live in Nebraska. What a truly wonderful state to live! In my personal opinion, it is the best Catholic state in the USA. The Diocese of Lincoln has the honor of having Bishop Bruskewitz as tis bishop. His truly traditional Catholic views are wonderful, refreshing, and able to revive the Church. Plus, the only seminary in the US of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) is located in Denton, Nebraska. I am still discerning a vocation to the FSSP, and I want to visit their seminary sometime in the next few years.

Again, thank you. I hope to visit your blog often.

God Bless

Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you so much (wow, I almost typed "Fr." : ) for your comment. I LOVE priests! From being in the Protestant/Evangelical world for so long going to the "pastor so&so show" and I don't mean that as an indictment on all pastors and ministers, but to hear traditional priests who LOVE the Church give a homily in accordance with Church authority and teaching is just as refreshing as a long cool drink on a hot dry day! We do live in a wonderful and blessed State. We love the Lincoln diocese and go to a little "sister parish" about 25 minutes from here now and then. The priests there are young, on fire, full of joy and love for tradition (big and small T t) and it's like going to EWTN for Mass!

Father Peter Mitchell is in Dwight NE. He was on with Fr. Francis Mary giving live commentary at WYD in Cologne, Germany in 05. He's great. I volunteer at the Holy Family Shrine on I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln. I also volunteer at KVSS so listen on line sometime. We'll be on Spirit Morning Show the week of July 9-13 for an interview about the Luis Palau Festival July 14-15 where we'll be at the KVSS tent with our RECON info also, and hope to attract some fallen away Catholics and help them return Home.

Please pray for this event. It's going to be powerful! Archbishop Curtiss has endorsed it and we have 11 parishes signed up to help educate these lukewarm or ex Catholics and love them and pray for them. If they fill out cards and say "prior Catholic" "former Catholic" ex Catholic" etc. Luis Palau has said that those cards will be given to the Catholics there, ready and trained to talk to them and follow up with them! Isn't that great?!

Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again.

susie & rich

Tiber Jumper said...

Matt the seminarian has a great blog. Lets remind ourselves to keep him in prayer.