Monday, June 18, 2007

Vatican Dossier... Pope B. in Assisi... by ZENIT

Spirit of Assisi Is Not Syncretism, Affirms Pope

Says It Is "Evangelical" to Unite Acceptance and Faith

ASSISI, Italy, JUNE 18, 2007 ( Benedict XVI clarified that the spirit of peace among religions promoted by St. Francis and Pope John Paul II is not religious syncretism.

This was one of the main messages during the German Pope's pilgrimage on Sunday to the city of the saint. The pilgrimage marked the 800th anniversary of Francis' conversion.

"I cannot forget, in the context of today's celebration, the initiative of my predecessor of holy memory, John Paul II, who in 1986, brought together here the representatives of the Christian churches and other religions of the world, for a meeting of prayer for peace," said Benedict XVI at the end of his homily during the Mass celebrated in the! lower square outside the Basilica of St. Francis.

He continued: "It was a prophetic intuition and a moment of grace, as I mentioned a few months ago in my letter to the bishop of this city on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of that event.

"The decision to celebrate that meeting in Assisi was inspired by the witness of Francis as a man of peace, who is looked upon with admiration, even by those of other cultures and religions.

"At the same time, the light of the poor man of Assisi which shone upon that event was a guarantee of its Christian authenticity, given that his life and his message clearly show his choice for Christ, refuting a priori any temptation to religious indifference, which has nothing to do with authentic interreligious dialogue."

Benedict XVI said that the "spirit of Assisi" continues to spread throughout the world since the 1986 event. He called it a spirit "in opposition to the ! spirit of violence, the abuse of religion as a pretext for violence."

The Pope added: "Assisi tells us that faithfulness to one's own religious conviction, faithfulness above all to Christ crucified and risen, is not expressed in violence and intolerance, but in sincere respect for the other, in dialogue, in a message that calls out for freedom and reason, in working for peace and for reconciliation.

"It would not be evangelical, nor Franciscan, to be unable to unite acceptance, dialogue and respect for all with the certainty of faith which each Christian, like the saint of Assisi, is called to cultivate, proclaiming Christ as the way, truth and life of mankind, the one and only savior of the world."


Tiber Jumper said...

The "hippie" St. Francis in Zeferelli's Bro Sun, Sis Moon also was in love with the Eucharist and submitted himself to the Pope.
He was a true reformer who did not rebel in order to have his way.

4HisChurch said...

Thanks for this post. I just posted about the Holy Father's Assisi trip on my blog regarding the Christ-centeredness of Francis. (As opposed to thinking of Christ, and Francis, for that matter, as merely "enlightened men", as many, many do today.

Anonymous said...

Well that explains things!

Joyful Catholics said...

Re: the last paragraph of the post.

The Catholic Church and most if not all Catholics that I know, and have ever known in all my life have always been more congenial, generous and respectful of others and their faiths. I grew up in a "Leave it to Beaver" world, though, I guess, because 'respect' isn't much heard or witnessed much these days in many independent fellowships regarding the CC. I do hope that changes, and I certainly am not suggesting all other denominations have an ax to grind with the CC. I do know some that still think we worship idols and even showed up to protest the Eucharist and the Monstrance that Pope JPII had sent to go around the world...during 2005, the Year of the Eucharist. There were two vociferous protesters outside our St Cecilia cathedral in Omaha protesting the holy event. It was sad. Catholics don't go to stand outside other's churches and protest their missions conferences and 'healing services' etc. Sorry, got off on a rant again.

Must be time to go eat some grilled chicken, stuffed mushrooms and steamed asparagas and enjoy the early summer evening before it's once again in the 90's for the rest of the week.