Saturday, June 30, 2007

This was my blog rating. . .

Gee, TJ, guess I'm a lot more "kid friendly." Oh the brilliancy of PC idiots never ceases to amaze me. Golly, maybe I've turned into some sort of marshmallow? I"m not sure I'm happy with a PG rating. I think death and abortion, euthanasia and misery, and suffering and the pain and struggles of gays and heterosexuals alike means that we are people and "people are human and human is messy." I don't think SIN is ever "okay" with God and that he'll "look the other way" when I commit SIN. I am a SINNER and need a Savior because I sometimes do WRONG things. Yes there is a WRONG and a RIGHT way to live. We should choose LIFE and choose rightly but we many times fail to do that and then we must live with certain CONSEQUENCES to our sinful choices. uh oh....wonder how that will affect my rating now? Maybe that will get my a NC rating like my BIC, (brother in Christ) TJ.? I'm even okay with the words, "brothers and sisters" said IN THAT ORDER in our prayers!!!! THAT has GOT to give me a NC or worse (meaning better) right?

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