Saturday, June 16, 2007

Faith and Reason....They're NOT antonyms!. . .

My Photo If you have a while, visit here and read the conversion story of Stan Williams Ph.D. He has me laughing out loud in a few places where I can concur with everything he's writing as I had so similar an experience being "prayed over" at least 2 times for the Holy Spirit to "give her tongues!" The first time I didn't fall off the chair, or roll, or jump, or babble, or dance or shake, so they had to "pump up the volume" to perhaps get the Holy Spirit's attention and "give her tongues!" You'll surely recognize what he's written in this paragraph if any of you went through this.
Stan writes: "Still, I sat, respectfully, and let these dear men pray over me. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps I would speak in tongues. I was trying to be obedient to those under whose authority I had placed myself. But nothing was happening, and the prayers become more urgent and insistent. In their eyes, I am sure, I was like a pagan bump on the log, a hollowed out knothole into which only slimy toads would dare to dawdle. I wasn't jumping up and down. I wasn't crying. I wasn't even sobbing. A wretch was I. A hard case, indeed! At last, a third prayer warrior came and put her hands on my back and shoulders. They would have pushed me over onto my face except that I was sitting in a steel chair, bent forward, with my elbows firmly planted in the hollow of my knees."

I emphasized with the bold type only because of the same thing I went through almost to the letter! If any of you have similar experiences and would like to share them, please feel free to comment. Also, Stan has a great blog and other sites worth your time that you can find there.

Bless you Stan and thank you for your story! I can't get enough of these conversion/reversion stories. They're wonderful and delight my soul. We're all in this tapestry and woven into the Church's history. I'm just elated!


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