Sunday, June 03, 2007

My comment to TJ's recent post on Holy Trinity became too long so....

I'm one that's "okay with mystery." I wondered if that made me a 'simpleton,' and asked Dr. Ray that question during a phone call to his raydio program before leaving for Rome - [yeah, that's how I spell "radio" - and he's okay with it!] : )

One acquaintance I know, who's an M.D., actually put the Sacred Host under a microscope to "see if it was indeed flesh!" She said it wasn't and was "still bread." Duh! I'm no scholar, but I'm assured that this gift of faith is what it is, a gift, and is put into action by our cooperation, our "yielding to" and docility toward a Source GREATER than ourselves, no?

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things NOT SEEN! Sheesh man! Even a child gets it and unless we become as children, we're not going to see the Kingdom of God. I pity the fools who let their brains get in the way of their hearts. Faith and reason aren't antonyms. God gave us minds to use, but when we think we're wiser than God, that is ludicrous and dangerous and in fact, chilling!

Dr. Ray assured me I wasn't a simpleton, but that being "okay with mystery" meant that I was "teachable" and "submissive" (not cool or acceptable words these days with the high-brow intellectuals and ivory tower-dwellers) to the authority handed down by Christ and His Church. That's not being a dolt, but being wise. I know it's a gift of grace, too, but I've never been one to squirm at what I can't completely grasp in my puny mind. It doesn't cause me anxiety or sleepless nights to "not be God" as it sadly and evidently does for some.

In this materialistic age and self-absorbed, "enlightened" culture, even the brightest among us, can be proven sheer dolts and babbling idiots. Imagine, putting the Blessed Sacrament, our Holy Lord's body and blood under a microscope and in effect saying: "Okay, God, prove to me this is what you say it is!" "And further more,if you don't show me that this is real flesh, then I'm not going to believe!" That's a very frightening thing for even this 'simpleton' to think about. It makes me afraid for so many arrogant souls.

I for one don't want to ever be so smug and defiant. I am the biggest of sinners that I know, but I THANK GOD for mystery, and leaving the unexplainable in His hands is just fine with me! I simply desire "to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this life and be happy with Him forever in the next." Hooray for the Baltimore catechism!

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - three in ONE.

Thank God our Father for the Son who became flesh, one of us, and walked this earth without sin, to be sacrificed for our redemption and left us the blessed Holy Spirit to be our guide, comforter, and teacher THROUGH and with Holy Mother Church! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! What a great day this is!

Thanks TJ! We've printed your post and are taking it with us to our RECON meeting tonight for a discussion starter. We covet your prayers!

susie & rich

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Tiber Jumper said...

nice post guys!
Mystery is ok with me too,
He is God and we are not.
That baby in a stable with a wet stinky diaper sure didn't look or smell like God, but by faith we trusted that He was. Why is it so hard to apply that same concept to the Eucharist.
I will say prayers for your recon meeting tonite.