Friday, June 29, 2007

Saint Peter and Saint Paul...pray for us!

Statue of St. Peter, in St. Peter's SquareStatue of St. Paul, in St. Peter's Square

Can you imagine where we'd be without these men? What we owe these men! Let us find a quiet moment today, whether walking, working, driving, studying, and thank them from the depth of our hearts for their undying loyalty, diligence, faith and martyrdom.

"Dear Saint Peter and Saint Paul, our beloved first Pope and our brother and spiritual father, thank you! We can only hope to be found as "worthy of death" for the love of Christ as you both were. Please pray for us, that we remain in the Faith that you both lived out so extraordinarily and the faith you both were tortured for, for bringing so many souls to Christ and His Church. Pray for the Church in this country that struggles against heresy on every side and becoming lukewarm and apathetic with consumerism and materialism running rampant with it's many temptations always there to lure away those whose faith has grown cold. Pray for us that the Holy Spirit's bright flame will ignite our hearts and our faith will shine and be a light for others trapped in a spiritual darkness."


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