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Our Lady of Tears . . .

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In this vale of tears world we live in, the apparition of our Blessed Mother to Sister Amalia was not the first or only time that Holy Mary bore her sorrow before one of her children.

In the approved account of Mélanie Calvat -- the shepherdess of La Salette -- we witness Our Lady of La Salette's deep sadness, when she appeared in the French Alps on September 19, 1846:

"The Holy Virgin was crying nearly the whole time she spoke to me. Her tears flowed gently, one by one, down to her knees, then, like sparks of light, they disappeared. They were glittering and full of love. I would have liked to comfort Her and stop Her tears. But it seemed to me that She needed the tears to show better Her love forgotten by men. I would have liked to throw myself into Her arms and say to Her: 'My kind Mother, do not cry! I want to love you for all men on earth.' But she seemed to be saying to me: There are so many who know me not!

I was in between life and death, and on one side, I saw so much desire by this Mother to be loved, and on another side, so much cold and indifference . . . Oh! my Mother, most beautiful and lovable Mother, my love, heart of my heart!

The tears of our sweet Mother, far from lessening her air of majesty, of a Queen and a Mistress, seemed, on the contrary, to embellish Her, to make Her more beautiful, more powerful, more filled with love, more maternal, more ravishing, and I could have wiped away her tears which made my heart leap with compassion and love. To see a Mother cry, and such a M other, without doing everything possible to comfort her and change her grief into joy, is that possible? Oh! Mother, who is more than good, you have been formed with all the prerogatives God is able to make; you have married the power of God, so to speak; you are good, and more, you are good with the goodness of God Himself. God has extended Himself by making you his terrestrial and celestial masterpiece."

This is a deeply moving account.

Another visit from our Lady -- in tears -- occurred over the course of five days, from August 29 to September 2, 1953 in Syracuse, Sicily. Then and there, the image of Mary cried incessantly from a common terra-cotta plaque.

Thousands of people came to witness this miracle of Mary's tears in the simple home of a poor Sicilian laborer. A thorough investigation of the event was conducted by the Church, and confirmed -- through the bishops of Sicily -- that the communication was divinely ordained.

Pope Pius XII, the angelic pastor, was most exclamatory on the Vatican radio, when he proclaimed, "O the tears of Mary!"

My friend, Denise, recently returned from Medjugorje and brought me a Chaplet of the Seven Dolors...the 7 Sorrows of Mary. This imgage of Mary, Our Lady of Tears is on every "Our Father" in the chaplet with the picture of each of her sorrows on the other side. I'll take a picture of it and post it. I have a strong devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. I love the many images of Mary as our sorrowful Mother. I'm researching this and want to start a devotion with my new chaplet. I thought it was worth sharing here, and anyone interested can join me.



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