Monday, June 18, 2007

The River (John Hiatt) - cover

I thought this guy doing a cover of one of my faves wouldn't be very good, but ONCE AGAIN, I was wrong as salt on cereal. This guy's fabulous! I have LOVED this song ever since I heard it years ago. It will be one played at my funeral..and now the "river" is the Tiber and she knows my name, because I've jumped in and swam to the bank and I've never been the same. She washes away my pain and is constantly cleansing me...with the water of LIFE that she inevitably took me to some 2.5 years ago now..JESUS the RIVER OF LIFE who knows my name and yours and will take us HOME one day.



Tiber Jumper said...

John Hiatt is way under appreciated as a song writer. I don't know a lot of his stuff but when I have seen him
perform on Austin City Limits, I knew he was the real deal.

Joyful Catholics said...

Yep...he's the "real deal" alright. I've been blessed to see him perform 4 times since '95-2002. He's a brilliant lyricist and very much under appreciated, except for those of us who love the "obscure" and mystery. He's always played the smaller venues and I think that's wonderful and says that he's a humble guy...not out for the big crowds. His music doesn't appeal to the pop culture anyway. He's too intelligent for that milieu.

I pray for him sometimes...he seems like such a thoughtful, deep guy. His first wife committed suicide, and I know he's been in a spiritual search for many years. I believe he's practicing Hinduism or was when I last read at length about him on his website. Most of his stuff I really like, only a few songs are "off color" at least to me. Let's join in prayer for these talented musicians, that they'll seek the One who gifted them.