Saturday, June 09, 2007

Photos can now be seen!

My husband and his patience got me through this dilemma. Now I know how to post to get the photos to stay. So if you'd like to see the "ones that got away" and then came back, scroll down a few posts. Mary Queen of Angels in Assisi can now be seen. Also, "Just for Tiber Jumper" 2 pics are on that post. And, Papa at the Window from the Sunday Regina Celli is can be viewed.

Thanks Rich. Wish we'd have handled this a couple weeks ago, but we're not real savvy about some of this stuff. However, Rich is much more patient and savvy than I so he dinked around longer than I would have and figured this out. Patience is a virtue that he excels in...I on the other hand... struggle very hard with that particular virtue. Oh well. Maybe one day it'll happen, eh? It's strange though because somethings I am very patient about and others drive me up the wall and out of my skull. It's the same with people, some I can "long suffer" more easily than others. The flesh is so flawed and weak but the spirit is willing and in my desire to grow in holiness and become a saint, I will attempt every day to do better as I struggle in acquiring one iota, even one small fraction of the amount of patience my husband has! That will be a miracle!

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