Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who should live and who should die?...

Inferior people? Superior people? We just watched Rope, (Alfred Hitchcock, 1948) and it is quite a TIMELY movie. We've seen it a few times, but each time it's like something else comes to the fore. If you've not seen it pick it up/or rent it. It's such a dark, macabre film, but yet, the light does come and TRUTH does prevail! Hitchcock was great at that....twisting it all about until the tangled mess begins to unravel...and truth exposes the lie every time. The piano tune is quite unnerving with its spooky discordant sound. Watch out, it sticks in the brain! This flick's uncanny with the LIFE issues being bantered about all over the place these days. Some great lines toward the end. Jimmy Stewart's a fav of mine.

Rupert (James Steward) comes through loud and clear with what is 'good' inside him and what is 'not good' and actually evil/corrupt thinking, inside the young men who destroyed a life, taking it arbitrarily as a "game." But listening to Brandon, talking about a superior race, made me think of conversations of late with friends and listening to certain "foe" on the telly talk about when LIFE begins, etc. The whole Marxist/Communist intellectual godless elite clap trap. Exactly what we've been battling for decades. Now for a sip of wine and channel surfing. click click click... Ah, yes, I've landed on EWTN and GK Chesterton Common Sense. Cheerio!

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