Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magadan has "hope"...America needs to learn from Russia...

Pray for the Church and its rebirth in Russia.

Rich and I have been watching this 6 part series on EWTN. Until this morning, I thought it was from last Summer or maybe last year. It must be at least 6 years old, as Fr. Michael Shields said something about construction of the church being done by 2003, so I guess it might have been 2002 when it was recorded. It was done obviously before Fr. Groeschel suffered his accident, as he uses his right arm in this program. Our Lady of Fatima was just here in October. I've not yet posted the pictures, but will soon. There's a reason she came to our country again, the first time in 18 years. What has happened with this election and what is coming "down the proverbial pike" is so much similar sounding to Russia in 1917, it's uncanny!
Pray, do penance and sacrifice for sinners.
Pray for the conversion of sinners.
Pray, pray, pray and then...
Fr. Michael Shields

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