Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just for the record, I am...

personally against shooting puppies
personally against clubbing seals
personally against drowning kittens
personally against starving horses
personally against flushing guppies
personally against eating goldfish
personally against water boarding moles in their holes
personally against setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass
but who am I to shove my beliefs down others' throats?
Now of course, I AM against this type of thing, but why should cruelty to animals be a worse crime than killing babies in the womb? If we're indeed animals, as so many secularists believe, then killing our own is really pretty awful, isn't it? Not many animals even do that, unless they're starving, like a lion eating its own cub and such as that. Even animals don't kill their own young for "convenience"... but if FOCA is signed and passed, then we will surely see what God means when he says, "It would be better for a millstone to be tied around one's neck and thrown into the sea, than to cause scandal and hurt the least of these little ones." He didn't mean seals or puppies or kittens, he meant HUMANS! Tell me, what does Barack Obama have against baby humans anyway?


Tracy said...

Amen!! This is exactly what I was arguing to someone the other day.. good post!!

D'artagnan said...

a priest once told me about praying in front of a beach front abortion mill in Miami, and over on the sand was a state sponsored sign protecting the baby turtles . . .he wept.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi D'...thanks for coming by and for your comment..."He wept" ...Like Jesus.