Saturday, November 15, 2008

If you were born after 1972 please consider...

Were you born after 1972? If so, you know that 1/3 of your generation has been sacrificed on the altar of "convenience"... 1/3 of your peers, friends you would have made, are not here because of the legalization of the murder of babies in the womb. The "choice" their mothers had came before giving those babies any choice at all...for they were snuffed out before taking their first breath.

Psalm 105 iii
They did not destroy the heathen as the Lord commanded them.
35. But they mingled with the heathen, and imitated their practices.
36. They worshiped their idols and these became a snare to them.
37. And they sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons.
38. And they shed innocent blood: the blood of their sons and their daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan.
39. And the land was polluted with blood, and they were defiled by their deeds, and they became unfaithful by their crimes.
40. Therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against His people (His people today are us all believers/Catholics) and He abhorred His inheritance.
41. And delivered them into the hands of the nations, and they who hated them ruled over them.
42. And their enemies oppressed them, and they were humbled under their hand.
43. Many times He delivered them, but they embittered Him by their counsels, and were brought low because of their iniquities.
44. Yet He looked upon their affliction, when He heard their cry.
45. And for their sake He remembered His covenant, and relented according to His abundant mercy.
46. And He made them objects of compassion, with all who had taken them captive.
47. Save us, O Lord, our God, and gather us from among the nations.
That we may praise thy Holy Name and glory in Thy praise.
48. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from age to age and let all people say: Amen! Allleljuah!

Upon reading this today, I was struck by line 44: "Yet He looked upon their afflictions, when He heard their cry." What leaped off the page was "when He heard their cry." Many of us are NOT crying. That is the problem. We're too attached to our materialistic life. We're too fat and lazy and apathetic to the "silent cry" of the unborn. Those of us who are 'crying' now, are by God's grace, given the 'eyes to see' and are alert to the approaching darkness of this newly elected leadership that will 'rule over the land.' While any of us have breath, there is ALWAYS MERCY. Once our breath is gone, only judgment. While you are alive and breathing, you have the power to call on God for mercy, and though we are now going to "get what we deserve" by electing a person who is 'pro abortion'...we can still call on the name of God, and renew our faith and trust in Him. Trusting in any one person, or government is idolatry. You can't serve God and man.

What also struck me was "they embittered Him by their counsels." What just occurred in the U. S. this past week? The Fall Conference of Catholic Bishops. There they were, standing up, one by one and 'debating' and discussing the election of Mr. Obama, among other things. Some being "for" him and some adamantly opposed to him/his pro-death policies. How sad that ANY of them would be in favor of him! How that must break our Lord's heart and our Lady's heart! His own priest sons, His own clergy debating whether this man is "good" or "bad" for our country, and our Catholicity. Life is Life. You choose either Life or Death.

We know that Obama would even abort his own grandchild so his daughters wouldn't have to be "punished by a baby" (his words) if either of his girls were to "make a mistake." Why would sex before marriage be a "mistake?" That sounds like an "uptight" old fashioned view to me. That's not what they teach in school. Sex is "natural" and "they're going to do it anyway, so...." We're not told sex is ever a mistake, Sen. Obama. We're told to only have "safe sex." So why would you even suggest your daughters would make a mistake by having sex? You speak in nuances that even Einstein would have trouble dissecting. And FOCA would even make Hitler blush, Mr. Obama.

That's troubling. So he'd amend their mistake by killing his own progeny? That is DISTURBING and FRIGHTENING! And here were our Catholic bishops having to "figure out" what to do with "Catholic" politicians receiving or not receiving communion? Gee, what to do, what to Excommunication seems more than the adequate thing to do, in my opinion. Uruguay, in a previous post, GETS IT! But our lapsed Catholics don't. Our poorly catechized Catholics might have a "hangnail" to stand on, but when they've blatantly, in the public eye, defied the authority of Catholic teaching, twisting it into some sort of "play doh" pretzel to form in their own minds to fit their twisted and skewed agenda, then that is politely as I can say, despicable! The TRUTH of Catholic doctrine has been spoken to them and written and given to them so therefore, they are without excuse. Our inadequate and appalling lack of obedience to the Church on LIFE issues is going to "bring down the House" and right quick! Judgment begins in the House of God, and with bishops 'debating' Life, what could shake His House, the Church, any harder or more swiftly? But what do we hear from the pulpits on most Sundays? Fluffy feel-good homilies to make us even more cozy in our faith, when only 20 years ago, the Church arose from being underground in Communist countries. They lost their lives in death camps and we can't take hearing the word "sin" or "hell!!!" Anyone else see a Bumpy Ride ahead??!!!!

So as stated above, 1/3 of my sons' generation isn't here to debate anything. They were legally murdered because of a horrific and heinous law. Our Lady of Fatima has warned us over the years, since her appearance in 1917 and we've not heeded her warning. World War II didn'thave to happen, but we kept on in our sins, and ignored God. World War III won't have to happen, if we heed her warning even now, but we're not. We're pushing God further out of our lives by excessive materialism and greed, and gluttonous living. And she cries. We are going to suffer as did the Church in Russia/Ukraine, etc. and it is going to get much worse before it gets better. We'd best go to confession, and pray the rosary and go to adoration as often as we possibly can, because with an Obama rule, our freedoms are going to disappear darn fast.

Fight the spiritual battle and use the most powerful weapon the ROSARY, and pray for our country, and pray for Obama, and pray for our Church and our pastors...because "wolves" are in sheeps' clothing, and their fighting for the enemy, and they're in our a smoke that finds any opening to enter and pollute a room, a building, a Church. The gates of Hell will not prevail, but we're only stronger than those gates when we're IN CHRIST, (obedient to the point of death) and uphold his Law and commandments. For that is how we love Him, by our obedience, not by our lip service. The most imperative and crucial issue of all is the "RIGHT TO LIFE" for our unborn children. If we continue with this holocaust, if this slaughter of innocents is even allowed to be 'on demand' (FOCA) then God can only answer with wrath. He won't send anyone to Hell, we'll go their of our own volition, our own "choice"... Freedom of Choice Act... what will you choose?

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