Friday, November 21, 2008

Presentation of Mary....

oh, holy mama, Mary
you were once a tender little girl
who lived so long ago
with a heart devoted entirely to God
you were presented
and consecrated to Him
in the temple
by your loving and holy parents
and not long after that moment
as you blossomed into a woman
you were visited by the Holy
Angel, Gabriel, and
given the news that you were chosen
by your God
to become the Mother
of our Savior.
You were prepared for the moment
of that angelic visitation
from your immaculate conception
and though it was daunting
you gave your fiat,
your complete and total "yes"
to the will of God
and how we thank you
for your "yes"
we thank you for Jesus
and we thank Jesus,
for giving us you
to be our Mother, too

susie melkus

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