Friday, June 12, 2009

We welcome this courageous man home...

while with sorrow,we say "goodbye" to Fr. Cutie, who's chosen to become Anglican (whatever that means.) One of these men is right, and following TRUE TRUTH and the other is wrong. I don't say that with arrogance, and I'm not 'pointing fingers' but with deepest sincerity, and real sorrow, as a Truth seeker myself. TRUTH is not subjective and relative, if truth were, it wouldn't be truth...that's the whole point.

But the tyranny of relativism has infected the Church and we've witnessed it countless times over the years and more recently in the news as the media slobbers over another 'story' they relish, Fr. Cutie's fall and exodus from the oppressive Roman Catholic Church to the more 'open minded' Anglican church. TRUTH is not what 'we make it' but is OBJECTIVE because Truth is a PERSON, not an "it" at all, and certainly not 'our own idea.'

One of these men is right, and is following Truth, the other is wrong and has followed his passions and his warped idea that it doesn't matter what 'church' you belong to, as long as you're doing what God says. He obviously believes he's doing what's 'right for him'... right? What???? Would Jesus ever say something like this to a priest He ordained through the successors of Peter: "Yeah, go adhead and go your own way (complete with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background) - I'll catch up to ya, bro. It's cool." No. And would it be so easy to 'do your own thing' with Mary in your presence through a statue, or an icon or other image? If he [Fr. Cutie] can assure us "he's doing what he must do" then far be it to declare there is objective truth. Let's all get the same "freedom" eh? God forbid!

I digress with some sarcasm due to my own pain at the recent, terrible scandal. I continue to pray for Fr. Cutie and all priests who struggle with temptations and human weakness. But right now, I smile reading this brave man's eloquently written blog about his journey HOME, his true unequivocal conversion to TRUTH (Authority) found in the ONE TRUE CHURCH!

De Cura Animarum

h/t TJ

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