Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In middle night with soft rain falling
and a gentle, cool breeze blowing through the
window filling the room with the fragrance of Springtime, earthy, floral and sweet
I reach for my rosary, the rope one, given me by a friend,
it's almost three o'clock
It's the hour of Mercy, Divine Mercy and I
know it's a powerful time to pray as
the knots pass quietly through my fingers
I pray for souls lost in sin, in need of forgiveness, to know mercy and receive grace
for those sick and dying at that hour and their
loved ones to find peace and consolation,
to be bathed in the abyss of God's mercy
for my own wretched soul, my sin-stained heart
to remain faithful, to persevere and never
to be separated from the two most merciful Hearts
of Our Lord and Our Lady
Divine Mercy, cover us, wash us, free us from the
grip of the enemy of our souls, from the evil traps and snares
from the attachment to sin and affection for things not
worthy of affection that is only due You, Good Jesus.
Divine Mercy free us to love, serve and please only
Jesus and Our Blessed Mother where with all the Saints
we will forever gaze into the Face of our Merciful Lord


Tiber Jumper said...

I too use a rope rosary under my pillow at nite!
Thank God for His Divine Mercy!

Joyful Catholics said...

AMEN! What an incredible and awesome GIFT!