Thursday, June 04, 2009

Letter to Pammachius Against John of Jerusalem...

There's a ton to read here, but in excerpts, it's doable. I personally find St. Jerome to be enchanting, charming and 'fun' to read. He holds nothing back and being PC was not his style. Sadly, they don't make 'em like this any more. Fr. Corapi said on EWTN a couple of weeks ago that he was born in the wrong 'era' referring to St. Jerome and the Saint's forthright speech. There should be more priests out there immitating the likes of St. Jerome, calling a spade a spade and evil what it is, evil. Let your speech be 'yes' or 'no' as anything more is from the evil one. Oh, how we could use this today!

Some homilies are so wishy washy, so much eloquence about the love of God, but never one word about hell being real, and the S word never is mentioned. (Sin) Being direct never should be done without great love, of course, but somehow, being direct these days is considered 'rude' and not "nice." Therefore homilies tend to be soft and fluffy and if there was an impact intended, it gets lost in the drivel of "nicey nice talk." Oh, for a thunderous voice, booming the reality of God, heaven, hell, sin, and how to avoid losing our souls! That being said, one doesn't have to become "mean" and authoritarian to utter Truth, but the obvious exteme the other direction is doing us NO GOOD!

Jesus, being God, was always kind, and spoke the Truth with great love, being Love. His speech, however, was never 'nice' to the point of never offending anyone. Pleasing everybody and tickling their ears with what they WANTED to hear, to keep them coming back and tithing was not what He did. When you try to do that, you lose and so do the ones needing to hear the TRUTH! God help us!

Dear priests, please be bold, please don't let the PCness of the world water down the Truth in your homily. Better to speak to a few than to watch many go off the path and lose their souls!


Lyda said...

I so agree. Enough with the "Jesus loves you homilies". We need and want to hear the truth. That's one reason I have switched to the Traditional Latin Mass here in Omaha. The FSSP priests are not afraid to preach the truth--all of it. We must pray for our priests to be bold and not lukewarm. Souls are at stake.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Lyda,

Thank you for your comment. You're so right. We've been to TLM and played Catholic Trivia w/ Fr. Bransich at St. Peter's in Feb. He's so wonderul! I loved the TLM!