Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Hear Tiller talking to client

This is Hitlarian, and there's no other way to define it! This is not a about a 'woman's health' at all. Babies are NEVER the problem! However, murdering babies, for millions of dollars, is certainly a problem! Hardened hearts and seared consciences are the problem. A culture of death is the problem! SIN is the problem! We are all sinners. We are all guilty of innocent blood. But law abiding citizens who gather at abortion mills in this country to pray for the women and the babies is NOT THE PROBLEM!! This country is now seeing what a culture of death IS! A law made in 1973 to "legalize the murder of innocent LIFE, was a "heinous act" if there ever was one! The person who murdered Tiller was not "pro life," Murder is wrong always! The murderer of Tiller needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Vigilantism is never good.

That said, there is NEVER a need for abortion! PERIOD! That is a lie from the very pit of hell! And to hear Tiller on this audio is most disturbing. I pray for his soul, for the consolation of God for his family.

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