Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can one separate Jesus from the Church?...

Which Church is the one Jesus built? If the Holy Spirit was sent to guide us to the "Fullness of Truth" as Jesus told His disciples, how is it that there are so many 'churches' where the Holy Spirit seems to be 'guiding' the "faithful remnant" of believers? So many different bodies, communities and all teaching and preaching contradictory doctrines and beliefs? How is one to know "where" the Fullness of Truth is really located? Shouldn't "church" be more than a "ethereal" "spiritual" body? It is mystical, of course, but shouldn't the church Jesus built still be visible, and physical entity also? Just as we are made up of a body and a soul, so His Church has a "body" and a "soul." His Church has a tangible visible "head" His Vicar, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI at present.

There is only One Church where Jesus is substantially present in the tabernacle. Not that He can't be found elsewhere, for He can and is found in other faith communities. However, no other faith communities have the Eucharist, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! The Eucharist is indeed, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ and not a symbol. Was His Body on the Cross real flesh and blood or merely a symbol? Did the Jews EAT THE PASCHAL LAMB at Passover, or a 'tofu symbol?' Did he not give his disciples His flesh to eat and His blood to drink? Does that occur anywhere else but in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? There's only one Church that claims to be the Church Jesus established, sadly still split East and West, but that rift is healing. However, the Church Jesus built upon Peter is not the little store-front "Christian Center" or 'house church" down the street that was just 'planted' a year ago or a week ago with a "man/woman and her bible. How could it be? That little store front church or house church or mega church down the street more than likely don't preach 'baptism' or even believe in baptism as a Sacrament if it holds to any 'sacramental' teaching whatsoever.

That brings up a real problem for a sincere and honest seeker of Truth, especially here in America, where ANYONE can "start" a "church." But is that how the Holy Spirit leads one into the Truth? It can be part of the journey HOME (to the CC) as it was for me, for my husband, but we'd years before LEFT His Church, in search of one more "with the times" and with "better music" and "better sermons." To me, now, that sounds more "personal"and puts the single individual person "in charge" and NOT the Holy Spirit. Not that it isn't a 'real experience' but believe me, I've been where all of that becomes based more on 'emotions' than on Christ. On how I "feel" here or there, than anything else. When it changes pastors, changes music ministries, changes anything that doesn't "sit well" with my soul, then I'm "free as a bird" to fly away to another little "cage" where I'm once again "in charge" and "feel comfortable." THAT is NOT the HOLY SPIRIT leading! That was only "susie" leading. Jesus never left me, but He was surely busy getting my attention to come back to HIM in HIS CHURCH!

It took 26 years for my ears and eyes to be opened. This isn't to cast dispersions on other fine and God fearing men and women and friends in other faith communities. But I was hungry for TRUTH and KNEW there was more, and lo and behold, it was not farther away from the Catholic Church but a bee line straight back to HER! Something 4.5 years ago happend that I NEVER thought would happen: the Holy Spirit led me (us) back to the CHURCH. The One HE ESTABLISHED. Back THERE of all places?? That 'man-made' religion full of dead rituals, the stodgy old Church out of step with the times? Yes. For GOD NEVER CHANGES. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever and so is HIS CHURCH! Customs and practices can change, but NEVER THE TRUTH AND NEVER DOGMA!

Lois Day: "All that I needed to believe as a Christian could be found in the Bible; it was my sole authority in matters of belief, and I found it to be totally reliable. I read the Bible many times during those years and became very familiar with large portions of it. I loved the Bible, because it was in the Bible that God's will could be discovered, the answer to every one of life's questions. Scripture nourished my Christian life, helped me to grow spiritually, and drew me closer to Christ. And ultimately it was Scripture that convinced me of the truth of Catholicism."

The Church Jesus built.


Tiber Jumper said...

To me, now, that sounds more "personal"and puts the single individual person "in charge" and NOT the Holy Spirit.

American spirituality prides itself on rugged individualism and thus pits itself against authority, or the belief that anything, can be in charge over us, except of course, my personal interpretation of scripture which trumps all!

Joyful Catholics said...

"All through the day, I, me, mine I, me, mine I, me, mine..." ~
G. Harrison

You're right, TeeJ. It always comes down to the nub, "authority" and pride.

"And in the end, the choice we make, [to suit ourselves] must surely break His Sacred Heart." (Abbey Road revisited by me)