Friday, June 12, 2009

Perseverence through faith!...

I ordered his book at Amazon, there are a few more. He died in 1954. God rest his priestly, blessed soul.

By the way, if you're having a "helluva day" take 2 minutes and let this little video put things into better perspective. I surely need to do it from time to time. Watching this again (it's been a long time) has reminded me of this one thing: it's "not about me"'s about God and me... and persevering through whatever "hell" I'm facing, no matter how huge or how seemingly insignificant. Everything matters to God about us, but not everything is as IMPORTANT as we think it is, and it doesn't have to "throw us for a loop." If some situation is causing increased turmoil in my heart, making my mind swirl, making me upset and or nervous, it's a warning. Because whatever "hell" I'm in at the moment, probably hasn't come close to what this priest faced in China. (at least not yet) God rest his soul.

I'm not exactly "what martyrs are made of" by any stretch, but I hope at the very least cease to gripe LESS about petty stuff, a lot less, and offer up to God whatever suffering or hassle or annoyance that comes my way for the good of other troubled souls suffering much more than I. The computer freezing, a traffic jam, a long line at the grocery store, a fender bender, or a unexpected phone call/visit requiring a change in MY plans is not going to stop the world from going 'round. I remember when I was a kid and heard this line: "The world doesn't revolve around you." Guess what. It's doesn't! Someone needs to remind a few million baby boomers though!

Let's face it, we were all spoiled to some degree in our youth and if not when we were kids, then by the technology, instant gratification, consumer-driven materialistic society we've become. Not that prosperity is bad. It's not. I've never been employed and brought home a paycheck by someone who's not prosperous. (duh) But to make "stuff" and "money" one's ONLY goal is where we lose sight of the real beauty and the preciousness of LIFE. Before we know it, we're in a hearse on our way to Pleasant Grove Cemetary... without a flippin' dime and probably in last year's shoes!

To stop and notice a sparrow chirping, a robin hopping in the grass, or a cardinal calling his mate for a "date" in his resplendent red raiment may very well be the Holy Spirit telling me to SLOW DOWN, calm down, simmer down, sit down, lie down, and just be still. To breathe in HIS love and HIS peace. To be quiet for more than a few seconds and just simply "be" HIS child. I think the little sparrow in this video most surely was the Holy Spirit of God.


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