Friday, August 08, 2008

What good am i?

The lyrics are on my post "pro life anthem."
On the Streets - II by carf.
Street children asleep on the sidewalk in São Paulo, unaffected by passers-by and the passers-by likewise.
Ironically, the passers-by are waiting for the lights to turn green whilst the kids are waiting to be rescued from the streets.

Aborted babies left in the trash.

We legalize killing the most innocent and defenseless, the unborn, and it's a mere matter of time before we kill what some say are the "non- productive:" the elderly, the comatose, the terminally ill, those with downs syndrome, the physically disabled. 1973 - Roe v Wade. 2005 - Terri Schiavo...only 32 years.

When one is "too" old and feeble and or not adding to the tax revenue anymore, or if one is homeless, and useless in the eyes of the world, that's pretty much a reason to "do away" with the "undesirables." Will YOU be considered undesirable someday? You're not getting any younger you know. And all the cosmetic surgery in the world won't keep you from deteriorating on the inside. If things keep going like they are going, you might simply not be worth "keeping alive."
One day, someone will arbitrarily decide just when it is you've become a burden. My guess is, it won't be you.

This November PLEASE vote for the RIGHT to LIFE for all, and if you're Catholic, pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of the Americas and patroness of the unborn to guide you as you go to the voting booth. If you don't vote because you don't like either candidate, or it's too "much of a hassle" and should we then end up with Mr. Obama as this country's president, then we'll deserve whatever comes down the pike. Take it from me, a former fetus, what comes down the pike won't be pretty and it sure as hell won't be Utopia.

See! I will not forget you...
I have carved you on the palm of My Hand....
I have called you by your name...
You are mine....
You are precious to Me....
I love you.
(- Isaiah -)

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