Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here they come,...

walkin' down the street, bright smiles on their faces, for everyone they meet...hey hey it's the Seminarians (not the Monkees) and boy we're glad to have them around, they're going to be our spiritual Fathers and bless everyone in town....

To all Seminarians everywhere (but especially those in Nebraska!)... you ROCK!

I know NONE of you guys know what I'm "singing" about, (cuz I'm old, but TJ knows what I'm singing about! Why he's darn near as old as me!) How 'bout it one up for these fine, holy, courageous young men? They're the "cleansing tide" we've been praying for! AMEN!

Spread The News, The Tide Is Turning. Many In The Media Are Full Of Doom & Gloom. Don't Believe Their Hype. The Facts Are In The Book & Outlined Below. This Book Is Simply Not Wishful Thinking.
Below Are The Reasons Why The Tide Is Turning
Did you know:
  • Vocations Are Increasing!
  • The Laity Is Defending The Church In Many Ways
  • The Youth's Faithfullness To The Church, Her Traditions & The Holy Father Has Undergone A Profound Resurgence
  • Catholic Communications Such As Catholic Radio & Catholic Web Sites & Blogs Have Increased Profoundly
  • A Deep Interest In Mary Is Being Witnessed Across The World
  • Interest In The Eucharist & Eucharistic Adoration Is On The Rise
  • Catholics Are Defending Their History & Teachings That Some In Secular Society Mock Or Don't Understand
Need To Understand Your Catholic Faith, Her History & Her Teachings? This Book Is For You!
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