Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pro Choice Catholic politicians, you've been warned . . .

August, 26 2008
American prelates rebuke 'pro-choice' Catholics

With Church-state disputes swirling around the Democratic Party convention in Denver, Archbishop Chaput and his auxiliary, Bishop James Conley, set the record straight with a public statement: "On the Separation of Sense and State." Their opening lines indicate the strength of their excellent statement:

Catholic public leaders inconvenienced by the abortion debate tend to take a hard line in talking about the "separation of Church and state." But their idea of separation often seems to work one way.

In Washington, Archbishop Donald Wuerl issued his own public statement, pointing out that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has distorted the clear and constant teaching of the Church on the immorality of abortion. Pelosi, he observed, based his argument on "uninformed and inadequate theories about embryology" held by medieval theologians. That's right; Pelosi bases her case on the scientific-- not theological, scientific-- views of medieval teachers.

Next the US bishops' conference weighed in on the same issue, as did with a group of 10 Catholic congressmen. Their statements, too, presented Church teaching with admirable clarity.

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter had predicted that American hierarchy would be loath to revisit the debate on Catholicism and abortion-- a debate from which most American bishops shrank during the 2004 campaign. "Perhaps the most disappointed group in America over the choice of a Roman Catholic as the party’s nominee for Vice-President may well be the country’s Catholic bishops," Allen wrote.

Perhaps they would have been happier if the question had not been forced upon them. But willingly or not, in these last few days the American bishops have responded clearly and convincingly.


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Smiley said...

I think the warnings need to stop and the Church needs to act. I think the action should be excommunication.
Yes i understand that this means that the person will not see heaven, but if i am correct the person voluntarily excommunicates themselves when they support abortion. So rather than have people like Pelosi around who give the faith a bad name by their double standards they should be excommunicated. It might not matter to her much in this world but we all know what the consequences are in the next.
Excommunication worked in the 12th century no reason why it wont now.
Remember Christ's words to St. Peter ' what you bind on eath will be bound in heaven and what you lose on earth will be lossed in heaven' it time to jettison the Pelosis of the world.

TJ said...

thank God they are finally speaking up for the Truth.