Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feast of St Bernard of Clairvaux...

I was watching Fr. Connor on his program, "Doctors of the Church" talking about this Saint, and his "fierce" and "tough" personality and way he had in writing and preaching. I like that in a man! Especially a priest. We have far too many that are not nearly as forceful as they should be, in this day where we all try to be so politically nauseam. Read about St Bernard. I dig him!

I too get a bit "fierce" but ya know what? I'm in good company. I think we need to be telling the Truth and speaking the Truth in love, of course, but what does that mean? It means that no matter how you say it, you're not going to win everyone. Some will no doubt be offended by the Truth, and to water the Truth down and become "namby pamby" in proclaiming it, surely isn't the way Christ was! He spoke the Truth in love and yet ....was HATED. He was perfect in every way, kind, loving, totally giving, no guile from his lips, no sin, perfect LOVE....yet they tried to kill him for speaking the Truth. Jesus sugarcoated nothing. If we're hated, or some people are offended by what we say, when we are trying to be patient, kind, loving...then we need to "shake the dust off" our sandals and realize that we must be doing something right, because if we follow Him, Jesus says "they will hate you because they hated Me."

So, HAPPY FEAST DAY! Dear Saint Bernard, pray for us! Pray for us to be bold and fierce and passionate about the Truth, and to not back down to anyone who tries to "sugarcoat" Truth so it's palatable to everyone. You didn't do that. Pray for your priest brothers in the world today to be "tough" as you were, when it's needed. Thank you for your intercession. Yours, susie

Suggested Reading:

Bernard of Clairvaux by Henri Daniel-Rops

Bernard of Clairvaux Teaching... ed. by M. Basil Pennington

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