Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My heart is heavy...

My heart's been pierced and saddened after a conversation with a dear priest friend of mine. This priest, though he can't vote, is convinced that Obama is the "answer for the world's woes." I have been saddened by this since Sunday night when we visited on the phone. I see abortion as not comparable to the killing in the war in Iraq or any war as horrendous as war is. I understand that what he's seen in his life (he's from Nigeria) has been the brutal, horrific images of war torn areas and regions all over his country. I have been blessed to not grow up in such a place. I pray to never have that be "common place" here. However what is common place is abortion. Millions of lives taken every year...that we just 'don't see.'

Obama's agenda is "pro death" not "pro life." It's one overtly Pro Abortion. So how does a priest, who's vowed to obedience to the Church and her doctrine reconcile supporting a man and a
campaign that is fighting to keep abortion, and partial-birth abortion legal? Check out Catholic Voter's Guide on priests for life website. Even worse than the killing of people, military or civilians in war, is the war declared on the unborn, who can't even run or try to find a place to hide! The killing in war is hell, but abortion is the CORE of hell. JPII did warn our President to not go into Iraq. That's true. But we're there and debating that is moot. We're there and we must support our troops who are doing much good that goes unreported. Iraqis do have 'hope' now. I think that is a positive thing and worth acknowledging and a hearty 'thank you' to our soldiers and those Iraq soldiers who've valiantly fought for freedom and liberty.

However, babies who are just beginning their lives unseen by the rest of us, aren't tragically caught in the cross-fire, as horrible as that is, but they are being murdered while in the womb of their own mothers, at the hands of so-called doctors. What should be a safe, nourishing place and the most sacred place of all is a mother's womb. The womb however, is being turned into a "killing field" every day in our country, by the LEGALLY performed abortions here, and all over the world. When we take the life and right to life from the tiniest, the weakest the most vulnerable among us, we do it to Christ himself. We will have to answer one day.

This is a site worth seeing. I've never heard of Our Lady of the Sun before.

If my own sin-stained heart is this heavy and hurts this much over the loss of these babies, how much more is the heart of Our Blessed Mother, pierced, grieving and sorrowful over the massacre of the innocent, completely defenseless ones? The only voice they have is your voice and mine.

Mercy is now. Justice is coming. Eternity is forever. i.e. NO END. Imagine the worst day you've ever had in your life and imagine that misery "squared" and never ending. There's no end to pain and anguish if you wind up in Hell. There is also no end of peace and joy if you arrive in Heaven. We do have the choice by our God-given gift of free will. We are given the grace to choose, but we can deny or defy that grace. We either humble ourselves to receive it, or we stubbornly remain proud and arrogant and resist and reject that grace. The Lord says, "I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore, choose life that you and your "descendants may live ..." (Deut. 30: 20)

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Owen said...

I can't vote for Obama because I am a Canadian. If I was an American I couldn't vote for Obama either. I do not envy my brothers and sisters in the States the poor voting choices. Very hard to exercise your responsibility.