Sunday, December 16, 2007

The "Name it, claim it" theology as I "see" it...

I posted this reply on the forum, Fellowship Hall (The Journey Home thread) regarding the recent appearance of Russ and Deborah Rentler on EWTN's The Journey Home. They talked about suffering and how the teaching and doctrine held by the CC drew them back into the Church. The red quote below was what I replied to on the forum thread. Since it got a few laughs, I figured it might get a few here as well. ~ susie

"This particular program was one of the better ones. It also exposed the folly of the "name it, claim it" theology.

When I was in my 20's and had read many an anti-Catholic tract, I began to attend a bible study led by a very good hearted, well-meaning Evangelical young woman who did love and teach that 'name it and claim it' stuff, I "named and claimed" healing for my eyes one winter's day at the bible study and even had hands laid on me at the prayer meetin' that night. Yepper, I was feeling pretty good, and thinking I'd for sure wake up the next morning (since the healing hadn't occured in an instant at the study OR at the prayer meeting) seeing like a hawk. You see, (no pun intended) I'd worn glasses since I was 12 and I was tired of 'em. Tired of 'em I tells ya! For some 2- 3 weeks I lived and moved and had my being while squinting. I had to squint at the grocery store to read labels and signs, I had to squint while driving (with my little tots in the car!) all over the place, getting more and more tired of not being able to see, Happily, my myopia was fairly mild, so my driving wasn't a complete clear and present danger to others or myself on the streets and highway. But I kept on 'claiming the right verses of Scripture" and kept on not being able to see. I was going to 'get healed' though, any day, I just "KNEW" it! Then I'd not have to wear those pesky glasses anymore. Think of the cool witness that would be, too!!! Why everyone in my family would probably ask me how to 'get saved' and really know Jesus as their Savior and it was going to be so great!

Enter my husband.

A kind, loyal, hard-working, true-blue wonderful guy was getting a wee bit of tired of seeing me squinting and hearing me complaining under my breath about not being healed, and not being able to see 20/20 after these 2-3 weeks of my diligent prayers (or was it whining?). "But WHY won't God heal me?" I wondered. I was doing 'everything' I was supposed to be doing, by golly! I'd prayed the correct prayers the correct way and "IN JESUS NAME" and I was reading the Scriptures and watching 700 Club and going to bible study and I'd even bought a Jesus Jumper (what every Evangelical woman wore all over the place in those days!) I was doing all the right stuff and still, no healing came...and to tell you the truth, I was getting sort of grumbly and pouty about it. What was left to do for Pete's sake? It really made me ticked when I'd go to some meeting and hear about someone's eyes or broken leg, or abscessed tooth was suddenly miraculously healed. I'd watch Pat Robertson talk to people call the show about how they got healed when they were just flipping through the channels, happened to see his face or heard a prayer! Voila! Poof! Miracles all over the place, and all I wanted was to be able to see and not depend on glasses anymore. A simple little request or so it seemed to me.

So, back to my gentle, phlegmatic, easy-going and LOGICAL husband. He came into the kitchen one evening as I was trying to read something on the top shelf, muttering under my breath about not being able to see #$@$@ ^#*&. So, he asked me, "Susie, where are your glasses?" I told him "up on my dresser." He left and came back in a few minutes with my specs and handed them to me as he said, "Here. Put 'em on." So I did. Then he said, "Now you're healed. What's for dinner?" :shock: I got the hint. That 'name it & claim it' theology never held water for me again! What a brilliant man my husband is! And I'm now in trifocals PRAISING GOD BECAUSE...I CAN SEE!!!!!!!! :D


Tiber Jumper said...

Deborah and I laughed again so much when we read it the second time on your post!!! :)
Your husband Rich is a gem!

Joyful Catholics said...

That he is!